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Every service that culcha offers always has the focus on the interaction of the three pillars – organizational culture, leadership and change.

Each service is designed in four phases. These are: a detailed evaluation and mandate clarification, the planning phase, the execution and the end of implementation phase.

The end of implementation is reached, when all defined objectives have been met.

For organizational culture, leadership and change, culcha will provide you with the practical and relevant knowledge that meets your demands and requirements. You will have all tools you need, that enable you to execute on similar future demands holistically and independently.

culcha always adapts its services to the customers’ individual needs and requirements.

culcha’s services might have these effects on your organization:

  • Engagement and performance of your employees and your organization rises
  • Employee engagement will be more robust
  • Your growth plans will be successfully realized
  • Your competitiveness will be strengthened
  • You will be an employer of choice
  • Your level of innovation will grow
  • You will implement successful and sustainable change
  • Your leadership will be strengthened (in accordance to your strategy & vision)
  • You will demonstrate a profound and effective common approach

culcha offers you a high implementation and method expertise.

This expertise is based on academic knowledge combined with a broad and wide experiential knowledge.

The work of culcha is characterized by a pragmatic and persevering implementation.

On the page “about” you can find reference projects, that have been implemented.

How can culcha help you?

Here you will find exemplary services. The service culcha delivers to you will be individual and according to your needs.

I am looking forward to our collaboration!

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Darija Barrech

Change / strategic change

Strategic alignment, new processes, acquisition of other companies, spin-offs, reaction to market changes, restructuring or mergers of companies – culcha is your specialist for holistic, practical, relevant and sustainable implementation and methods expertise.

The change process is designed in different phases, tasks and roles.

The key roles in all phases are leadership, controlling, and relevant and transparent communication.

Within each phase, the key roles and tasks will be structured clearly and coherently. At the same time, a holistic consideration of the entire organizational context will build the fundament.

A big success factor for change is effective time planning and preparation. Often this does not happen.

The more complex the change, the less transparent and relevant the communication and the weaker the leadership, the more resistance and angst will arise in the organization.

Bringing people along the change process and aligning the leadership team to their roles and responsibilities will be an area of focus throughout each change. This in return can lower your costs that might have arisen from loosing friction.

culcha will not only help make your change successful and sustainable, it will also enable you with tools that make this process efficient and reproducible.

The positive results of culcha´s services will be mirrored in your organizations change- and learning agility as well as in your organizations performance and competitiveness.

Leadership on-boarding & development

A new leader or CEO always brings her/his own personality into the organization.

Certainly there is a focus on the potential fit during the hiring process.

Nevertheless, all aspects of the organization affected by this change need to be considered.

Leadership is the major influencer of organizational culture!

Employee engagement, learn- and change agility and innovational strength are decisively dependent on leadership.

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, culcha offers a practical, relevant and methodical concept to accompany the onboarding of your leader(s).

This onboarding process is structured and always takes the three pillars into consideration.

culcha can also support you in developing your future leaders.

With that it is ensured, that the leader is able to lead all aspects, that are influenced by him/her independently and systematically.

culcha can help you develop your leaders.

Together with you, the leadership traits will be developed, linked to and harmonizing with the company’s strategy, purpose and its objectives.

Leadership has an influence on your organizations performance and your competitiveness. Its loss can even be expressed in raising costs. This might occur when employee turnover rises or the level of employee engagement is low. In return, it effects your innovational strength and capability. A lower level of employee engagement can cause higher costs year by year.

culcha supports you in developing your “Change-Leaders”!

Systemic organizational consulting

culcha will accompany you and your organization throughout the entire process – beginning with an extensive project outline through the end of the implementation.

Together we will define the steps and objectives that need to be taken within the organization in order to achieve your future vision.

Depending on the complexity and outreach of the project, other members of the organization might be involved.

These processes involve an evaluation phase, potential workshops, personal conversations with stakeholders, and the execution of a sustainable implementation.

After each project phase you will be provided a debrief documentation containing all the learnings of the respective phase. These learnings can be used for your future needs.

culcha will accompany you as your sparring partner, throughout all phases of each process.

This will help to review, challenge and potentially adjust key aspects of the process together.

The results of the consultancy will be a clear, transparent and implementation-oriented strategy.

All stakeholders will be convinced to implement the agreed plans and changes successfully.

Culture: evaluation & change

After transformational changes, e.g. new CEO, restructurings, mergers often a shift or new adjustment of the organizational culture occurs. Intentionally or not!

If this adjustment of the organizational culture is not done consciously, it might have side effects including reduced efficiency, higher turnover in employees, increased sick leaves, issues in the hiring process or declining organizational financial performance.

Growth plans or future alignments of the organization can be negatively effected or even hindered by a certain organizational culture.

Yet your organizational culture is what makes your organization! Are you an employer of choice? How is your employee engagement? How satisfied are your employees? All this will be determined by your organizational culture.

Together with you culcha evaluates the current prevailing culture.

With that you will identify the key elements that make up your organizational culture and what might need adjustment in order to realize your objectives.

This process is also highly recommended before a transformational (planned) change. It will help you adjust your organizational culture proactively.

With this you can avoid additional costs and risks that might have accrued.

Consulting Start-up´s

Reason no. 3, why start-ups fail is culture and leadership (Source Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2010) (*No. 1 – lack of financial liquidity, No. 2 – leaving of the co-founder(s))

When starting a business, so many different things play a dominant role. Often it is not easy to concentrate on leadership or organizational culture or the need for it is not obvious.

In order to be successful long-term, leadership and organizational culture are the nucleus for executing successfully on your strategy. From the very beginning!

culcha offers you an on-demand consultancy on leadership fundamentals. With this, you as an entrepreneur and leader can grow with your organization and make the right leadership decisions.

Wrong decisions can especially have a financially severe effect on younger companies.

You can avoid pitfalls and mistakes at the beginning and can invest more energy for the growth ahead of you.

DenI package

Perhaps you have a feeling that you need to make something happen, but are not quite sure what needs to be done or you need to work on.

This package is for people who are ready to make a change but do not know where to start.

culcha assists you in sorting out your ideas in order to come to your objectives, tactics and next steps.

Results of this consulting day might be e.g. a structured plan of all relevant topics, with which you and your organization will work in future.

It might also result in the first steps of your organizational strategy.

Here also, you will experience a holistic and considerable involvement of all components of your organization and the three pillars of culcha.

This package consists of a detailed preparatory work (mandate clarification and definition), a dense and intense consultancy day and a rework of your results.