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Darija Barrech

inspired by culture



The culcha Network

The culcha gmbh cooperates with a network of international consultants. These are experts in the areas of organizational culture, leadership and change.

The network partners are located in different countries and represent the culcha gmbh in the local language.

Depending on your need and region, the most suitable expert will support you.

  • English
  • German
  • Urdu/Hindi
  • Pashto
  • Croatian
  • French

The fundamental goal of Darija’s work is to understand and grasp the situation of her customers.

Analytical thinking is equally as important as being emphatic and developing personally.

One of her key strengths is to grasp complex situations effortlessly, to express these clearly and comprehensively and to visualize and convey them.

In the last few years, she acquired practical experience in different HR leadership roles by working in different industries, diverse organizational sizes and in various countries.

Darija´s diversified cultural background (intra- and intercultural competence), her pragmatic approach and profound experience helps her in capturing, evaluating and taking different perspectives.

Her solutions always focus on the correlation and interaction of humans, organizational culture, leadership and change.

Personal integrity and a common set of values build the fundamental base for collaborations.

After 13 years of experience in different HR positions within different industries, Darija has gained her passion for organizational culture, leadership and change. Her passion was so great that she decided to proceed with a Master studies in exactly these areas.

In 2015 Darija successfully completed her “M.A. in Leading Innovation and Change” with the University York, St. John in UK.

During her studies, she created the basic concept for culcha which she was able to probe academically as well as practically.

Darija´s diversified cultural background goes back to her family.

She is a daughter of entrepreneurs, a Croatian mother and a German-Pakistani father.

Darija had the pleasure and honor to spend 14 years of her life in Karachi/Pakistan. There she studied in the German School Karachi (DSK).

Darija spend her academic career in Germany and England and now lives in Switzerland.

Darija´s entire resume is engraved with cultural experiences and learnings.

  • Master of Art in „ Leading Innovation and Change“ York St. John University, UK
  • Industrial Management – Siemens AG
  • Change Acceleration Process (CAP) – certified Master Change Manager by GE and Medtronic
  • Learning Agility by Lominger KornFerry International
  • Introvision-Coaching – Dehner Academy Konstanz
  • Biostruktur Analysis – Königsteiner Management Institut GmbH
  • Organizational Development & Organizational Excellence – Medtronic Inc.
  • Manager as a Coach Certification – Gerry Latea Consulting Geneva
  • HR Business Partner Certification – DGFP Dusseldorf
Industry experience
  • Medical Device
  • IT & Services
  • Trade / commerce
  • Services
  • Textile & Leather (Fashion)
Cross-cultural experience
  • Europe: West and Eastern Europe incl. Russia
  • Asia: Asia, Middle East
  • Africa: North and East-Africa
  • America: North America
Working experience

Medtronic International / Headquarter Minneapolis USA:

Project lead for a Joint Venture in Russian Federation (JV partner US and Russian organization) Responsible for developing and enrolling the Human Capital Strategy for the new company

Medtronic Switzerland:

Head of HR for an acquired production-facility
Responsible for integration, culture and change

After 2 years – Facility closure: Heading all HR closure activities for the facility site – Main responsible for change and communication

Medtronic Germany:

HR Business Partner for multiple sales- und sales-support functions

Fujitsu Siemens GmbH Germany:

HR specialist for the sales office in Duesseldorf

Reference projects

M&A activities

Evaluation of organizations that might be acquired (Due Diligence).

Reconciliation of HR internal processes and staffing structure.

Evaluation of potential acquisition in terms of culture and structure.

My role was to analyze the existing HR processes and contingencies as well as create and communicate recommendation for acquisition

Implementation & integrations (size up to 300 employees)

After acquisition, integrate the organization into the existing organizational structure and culture.

  • Evaluation of the existing processes and structures
  • Plan the integration activities in accordance with the ongoing change process
  • Build-up and development of a leadership team
  • Development and implementation of leadership traits
  • Crafting and development of the organizational strategy
  • Development and implementation of a sustainable KPI process – as well as the ongoing monitoring and adjustment of it as needed
  • Development and implementation of employee engagement initiatives
  • Execution on organizational development activities in accordance to the strategy
  • Implementation of Talent Management & Development processes and activities
  • Preparation and supervision of transformational organizational changes (cultural and strategic)

Human Capital Strategy for a Russia based Organization (size approx. 2.000 employees)

Development of a Human Capital Strategy for the joint venture organization in Russia (JV between a US and Russia based company)

  • Development of a strategic workforce plan
  • Development of Employee Value Proposition and Employee Engagement Drivers
  • Development of a Talent Acquisition network and partnerships
  • Development of a retention strategy
  • Creation and build-up implementation-suggestions for an innovation culture
  • Placement of C suite positions in the JV organization

Closure of a production site (size approx. 200 employees)

Adjustment of organizational strategy to the remaining time until closure (approx. 1,5 years).

  • Overall responsibility (planning and execution) for the internal and external communication in regards to closure
  • Planning and leadership of the overall change process
  • Budgeting and development of the separation strategy
  • Negotiation and communication with the local authorities
  • Adjustment of workforce to the respective situation (qualitative and quantitative)

Leadership & implementation of change initiatives

Planning and leadership of small to large change initiatives in diverse organizations.

I have been a change consultant to different organizations in the past.

Often these change processes have been in a mature stadium that needed to be re-planned, re organized and re-initiated.

With a very structured though flexible process, combined with my deeper expertise from my master studies, together with stakeholder, I have been able to demonstrate the usage of adequate tools and my personal competencies that make change transparent, sustainable and successful.

I have proven to develop leaders to “Change-Leaders”!