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How do I align the company to the future needs?

By  focusing on leadership and organizational culture.


What does my organization need to grow successfully?

A strong leadership!

How do we react to market changes without loosing friction?

By focusing on culcha!


How do we lead effectively?

By making leadership your personal journey and not only a training!


What makes us competitive?

The innovative capacity of your employees!

How do we achieve sustainable and successful (strategic) change?

By aligning a structured change to your organizational culture.


How do we see, that change was successful, conscious and transparent?

By achieving a more lean- and change agile organization.

How can we be an employer of choice?

By knowing the needs of your current and future employees.



How do I achieve a higher motivation throughout the organization?

By making leadership an integral part of your organization.

What does my organization need for a successful restructuring?

A focus on leadership and a transparent change process. 



How can we achieve a new identity of our organization?

By defining the future and building the bridge.


Did you ever ask yourself these or similar questions?

Find out more on this and the following pages, how culcha can help you with answers and solutions.

Do you work with people? Then culcha is relevant for you!

culcha gmbh is the consultancy firm, that combines the three pillars Culture, Leadership and Change to one conclusive and unique model and concept.

culcha has become a synonym for a successful business model that enables organizations to face upcoming challenges effortlessly.

On the page “culcha” you will find out, why the interaction of the three pillars is the fundament for your organization’s success.

culcha is a coherent concept that Darija Barrech has created and systematized by applying her practical business experience as an HR Leader in various and diverse industries and countries.

The consultancy addresses companies that are value driven, who aim to develop and grow their efficiency and with that, generate added value.

culcha offers consultancy to organizations around the world that is attainable, relevant, and practical.

If you would like to find out more – please do not hesitate to give us a call.

I am looking forward to our collaboration!

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culcha gmbh

Darija Barrech

Your purpose might be:

  • To create more clarity in your organizational structure
  • To have a leadership in place that fits your organizations vision and strategy
  • To recruit the best employees for your organization
  • Be an employer of choice
  • To grow as an organization
  • To foster the level of engagement of your employees and to retain those
  • To grow your level of innovation
  • To strengthen your competitiveness
  • To implement successful and sustainable change